CoWIN Vaccination

CoWIN’s vaccination slot booking enables Indian citizens to schedule appointments to receive their COVID-19 vaccination through the CoWIN portal or mobile app. The CoWIN portal was launched by the Government of India to manage the country's vaccination program, and the slot booking feature enables users to select their preferred vaccination centre and time slot.

The latestCoWIN APIs in the market have eased the process of CoWIN vaccination slot booking. PaySprint’s Co-WIN API allows users to Access & Download Vaccination certificates by entering the registered mobile number. You can verify your vaccination certificate anytime, anywhere. The user can search nearby Vaccination centres by just entering a pin code or district. It also allows you to check real-time slot availability. With our CoWIN API, you can also Schedule & Book vaccination slots directly from CoWIN

Integrate PaySprint’s Co-WIN API now & help your network avail this useful vaccination service!


How does our CoWIN API work?


The CoWIN API works by allowing developers to integrate the CoWIN portal's features into their own applications or websites.


The CoWIN APIs offer various functions, such as searching for vaccination centres, scheduling appointments, and retrieving vaccination certificate details.


Developers can use these APIs to create user-friendly applications that help citizens book vaccination slots easily.

Services that CoWIN API provides

Vaccination slot booking

Locate vaccination centres nearby & schedule appointments.


Vaccination certificate

Access & download vaccination certificates through the registered mobile number.


Benefits of the CoWIN API


Seamless Integration

This API can be easily integrated with various third-party applications and websites, enabling a wider range of users to access vaccine-related information and services.


Easy Booking

This API allows users to easily book their vaccination appointments and schedule their second dose, reducing the need for manual entry and minimising the chances of errors.



This API provides a secure and reliable system for verification of vaccination certificates, enabling individuals to prove their vaccination status when required.

The PaySprint Advantage

We give developers the ability to build a vast number of use-cases by leveraging our REST APIs and consequently enable Entrepreneurs, Startups, Banking Partners, NBFCs, MSMEs & Enterprises to deploy these innovative solutions.

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I Have a Question


Developers can access the CoWIN API services by registering themselves on the CoWIN portal and obtaining the required API keys.

Developers can retrieve information such as vaccination centre details, vaccine availability, and appointment schedules using the CoWIN API services.

No, it is not necessary to integrate the CoWIN API services to book a vaccination slot. Citizens can book slots directly through the CoWIN portal or mobile app. However, integrating the API services can make the booking process more user-friendly and efficient.

Yes, there are certain limitations to using the CoWIN API services, such as the number of API calls that can be made per minute. Developers should ensure that they comply with the CoWIN API usage guidelines to avoid any issues.

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